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Bonsai Products

Good Choice For Beginners!

chinese elm bonsai tree, bonsai elm tree, bonsai gift, gifts

A Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Makes A Very Special Gift For Someone

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More Attractive & Cheaper Than Akadama!

Moler Bonsai Soil

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chrysal bonsai food, bonsai fertilizer

Chrysal Bonsai Food   

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akadama bonsai soil, clay granual bonsai compost

Akadama Bonsai Soil  

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rainbow bonsai 
 fertilizer, health booster

Rainbow Flower,Bonsai Fertilizer 33ml    

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Bonsai Care Guides

Here you will find care guides for the most popular Bonsai trees, this information will help you keep your Bonsai tree healthy.  If you don't see a care sheet for your particular Bonsai tree species I recommend you visit which is a fantastic website with a wealth or information about the art of Bonsai, there you will find articles and care guides and I'm sure you will find it very inspirational.

Click on the image/text of the Bonsai tree species you require information for.

chinese elm indoor bonsai tree, ulmus parvifolia bonsai

Chinese elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

ficus indoor bonsai tree, fig bonsai, banyan bonsai

Ficus Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

Sageretia Theezans Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

Serissa (Tree Of A Thousand Stars) Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

ilex crenata indoor bonsai tree, japanese holly bonsai tree

Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly)Bonsai Tree  Care Sheet

crassula bonsai tree, jade bonsai, money tree bonsai

Crassula (Money Tree) Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

japan pepper indoor bonsai tree

Janpan Pepper Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

Carmona (Fuiken Tea)Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

Chinese Ash Bonsai Tree Care Guide

Coming soon

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Bonsai Tree Care Sheet

Trident Maple (Acer Buergerianum) Bonsai Tree Care Sheet  







Hornbeam Bonsai Tree Care Sheet 



































artificial bonsai tree, pine bonsai tree














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