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Good Choice For Beginners!

chinese elm bonsai tree, bonsai elm tree, bonsai gift, gifts

A Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Makes A Very Special Gift For Someone

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More Attractive & Cheaper Than Akadama!

Moler Bonsai Soil

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chrysal bonsai food, bonsai fertilizer

Chrysal Bonsai Food   

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akadama bonsai soil, clay granual bonsai compost

Akadama Bonsai Soil  

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rainbow bonsai 
 fertilizer, health booster

Rainbow Flower,Bonsai Fertilizer 33ml    

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Indoor Bonsai Trees 

If you were wondering where to buy Bonsai trees then you've come to the right place.  In this section of the site you can buy all sorts of Bonsai trees suitable for growing indoors, ranging from the Chinese elm Bonsai tree to the Ligustrum Bonsai tree (Chinese Privet Bonsai) - artificial Bonsai trees - Bonsai zen gardens, ranging in size from 6" small Bonsai - 20+" large Bonsai trees.
Almost all the Bonsai trees on this page make very good beginner Bonsai, you can see on each item page if the tree would be suitable for you or not, It is recommended that you visit the
Bonsai Care Guides» page before you buy a Bonsai tree, to read the Bonsai care sheet for the species of Bonsai you want to buy, this will help you make the best choice.

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Artificial Pine Bonsai Tree

Only £144.95

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Bonsai Tree (Penjing) Landscape 001

Only £34.65


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