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Bonsai Products

Good Choice For Beginners!

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A Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Makes A Very Special Gift For Someone

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More Attractive & Cheaper Than Akadama!

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Moler Bonsai Soil

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Chrysal Bonsai Food   

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Akadama Bonsai Soil  

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 fertilizer, health booster

Rainbow Flower,Bonsai Fertilizer 33ml    

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my Bonsai tree an indoor or outdoor Bonsai tree?

A: You can usually tell if your tree is an indoor or outdoor species by the category you purchased your tree from, or you can refer to the Bonsai Care Guides on this site.

Q: After I purchase a Bonsai tree/ product from you how long will it be before I receive it?

A: You will usually receive your items 1-3 days after you purchase them, in rare cases it can take slightly longer.

Q: How much is postage for my item/ items?

A: Please refer to the Postage Info page.

Q: I have received my tree from you and I'm wondering why doesn't it have any leaves?

A: If it is winter and you have purchased an outdoor deciduous Bonsai tree it is perfectly normal for the tree to lose it's leaves in winter.

Q: I have received my tree from you, but it's leaves have started to turn yellow and fall off, why is this?

A: The most common reason for this is simply that your tree is reacting to the new environment it is in, Chinese Elm's and many other species respond to being moved to a new position by dropping there leaves.  This is a normal response from the tree and it will usually bud out and be in leaf again within a month or two, don't panic and start watering and feeding your tree more, in fact you need to do the exact opposite, as your tree has less or doesn't have any leaves it doesn't need feeding and doesn't need as much water, so cut back on watering and don't feed again until new buds have started to open.  Another reason might be that you are over watering your tree, if your tree's soil looks very water logged and you keep it like that all the time then this could well be the reason, in this case cut back on watering.

Q: Why are the leaves on my Bonsai tree going dry and crispy?

A: This is a sure sign that you are under watering your Bonsai, if this is the case try putting your tree in your sink/ washing up bowl and fill with water up to the rim of the pot, leave to soak for 15-30 minutes and then stand to drain the excess water, then place the tree back in it's position.  After this hopefully your tree should be ok providing you keep up with watering every 2-3 days, I wouldn't feed the tree again until new buds start to open.  Another reason might be that you have your tree to close to a form of heating such as a radiator, if this is the case try and find a bright place away from a radiator or other heat sources.

Q: How often should I water and feed my Bonsai?

A: Usually you should water your tree ever 2-3 days, however this depends on the species of your tree and the time of year.  You should usually feed your tree once every 2-4 weeks, this again depends on the species of your tree and the type of fertilizer you use.  Please refer to the Bonsai Care Guides on this site for more detailed info on your particular Bonsai species. 

Q: What is the best soil to use when re-potting my Bonsai Tree?

A: I would recommend either Akadama or Moler Bonsai soil, as these are pretty much the best Bonsai soils available.  In a lot of cases such as with Chinese Elm's you can use either medium straight out of the bag without adding other ingredients, however species that like more moisture would benefit from adding some organic compost and or bark chips (bark chips for Bonsai soil) to make the soil more water retentive. Please refer to the Bonsai Care Guides to see what type of soil your particular Bonsai species would prefer.

Q: What is the best Bonsai tree species for beginners?

A: I would recommend the Chinese Elm, Ficus, Sageretia and Crassula/money trees as the best starter Bonsai trees.  The Bonsai Care Guides on this site will tell you if the species of tree you are interested in is a good choice for beginners or not.


























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